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Technical Support 

Worldwide Plating (WWP) is an expert in the field of chemical and electrolytic treatments:

  • Electroless nickel

  • Electrolytic nickel

  • Copper plating

  • Gold plating

  • Silver plating

  • Zinc plating

  • Tin plating

  • and co-deposits: NiP, CuZn, AuNi, ZnNi, SnNi ...

WWP helps you meet the specifications of your electrolytic processes in terms of:


  • Implementation of physical solutions to improve thicknesses distributions: screens, "current thieves", configuration of the anodes ...

  • Optimization of your bath chemistry and physical parameters

  • Understand the mechanisms of your processes to master them 

Working on site, off-site, or via online video collaboration anywhere in the world – WWP consulting can help your company with many of the challenging issues found in the Surface Finishing Industry.
We have helped companies resolve production and capacity issues through identifying and implementing process efficiencies. WWP is expert at troubleshooting and resolving persisting technical problems and have saved our clients millions in rejects and lost production on many occasions.

We can help with creating or changing outdated finishing specifications for your specific product, we assist in deciding on important supplier selections, and our experience can be invaluable to your company when designing new finishing process systems specific to your needs.

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