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Professional Training Courses


To provide a broad range of in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge about all aspects of the electroplating process in order to build a foundation for critical thinking for engineers involved in daily electroplating activities. The course was developed specifically to increase the technical knowledge, and methodologies of application and problem solving for experienced electroplating professionals.
Topics covered in this intensive advanced course include; basic chemical and electrical principles as they relate to the electroplating process including a review of Faraday’s Law, a detailed look at common pretreatment methods with their associated advantages and disadvantages, a review of common equipment selections, laboratory testing methods, including a review of the importance of Hull cell test, salt spray testing and electrochemical measurements. The course will also provide a review of current best practices related to the importance of rinsing, process filtration requirements, reducing contamination of the plating baths, and pollution prevention tactics that can be used in process control. Also, special attention is placed on quality control procedures and the troubleshooting common issues of the electroplating process.
In addition to the classic training described above, your instructor will share more advanced and newly
developing techniques that can be applied to your processes, such as the use of pulse plating, numerical simulation and techniques that can be applied to help improve plating efficiencies through distribution control. 

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